Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Since You Asked: Mods I've Made to My Li'l Camper

There are a LOT of tutorials here - They are in no particular order yet, so make sure you scroll all the way to the end. 

At the bottom there is a section of tutorials that are not finished yet, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND VOTE FOR WHICH ONE TO FINISH NEXT!

Some of the finished tutorials include:

Most of the photos will take you to a tutorial. I have marked a few of them as product links, because I really like the product and you should have one too!

My husband, our two dogs and I have spent more than two months at a time in this tiny camper. All the mods shown here are workable and have vastly improved our experience. Let me know if any are helpful to you!

It is    30" L x 20" W  and adjustable from 21"- 28" high. 
It folds flat and stores in the shower when we're not using it.

Tutorial to Come

 Emergency Window Mod Tutorial Here




Easy - Add Sliding Basket Drawers
Add A Shelf Under Your Overhead Cabinets
Easy - Add A Fan At Your Vent
Found Storage Behind Media Center
Easy - How To Hook Up Your Camper Using A Coupler Safety Pin
How To Mount The Kayak Sails To Any Kayak
How To Paint Clouds
Make A Light Blocker For The Skylight Over The Bed
Make A Lined Dog Basket Lining
Easy - Make A No Sew Vinyl Storm Door
Make A Padded Traveling Cover For Your Sewing Machine
Make A Pull-Out Shelf (Behind Media)
Make A Skylight Cover
Easy - Make A Tea/Spice Rack Or Plastic Wrap Holder From A Wine Box
Make A TV/Monitor Cover With Storage Pockets
Sew A Night Shade To Read In Bed Under Bunk
Easy - Open Base Cabinet Storage For Easy Access
Modify A Bunk And Add Storage


Unknown said...

I have a 17' travel trailer. I love so many of your ideas! The spouse is going to be busy after work today!
Love the towel loops. Did you make that yourself and sew on?
Were you nervous to drill in hooks in the bathroom? Been enoucraged not to do that. We're newbies as of this year.
We camp with three dogs so love all the dog mods.
Emergency window extension is great and shower Head!
Love the found storage!
Our table is huge. We can barely sit at it when it's installed, so checking out your table ideas. Thanks so much!

Wacky Pup said...

Wait til you see the post about the new table I just built. It is a 'knock-down' table, that stores away in practically no space at all but is large enough to eat or play games! I'll try to get that posted this weekend. Thanks for visiting and all your wonderful comments!

Wacky Pup said...

I did sew the loops on myself, very easy. I have patterned loops and Hubby has blue stripe, so we can tell the towels apart quickly. Also buttonholes in the washcloths so they stay on the hooks. When I took the table out, I saw that the 110 wiring ran only across under the bed, so I knew it was not in the walls. I avoid areas around the exterior lights (usually) and I haven't had any problems with screws in the walls. When I took the bench out there were amazingly long screws they had put in holding it to the walls, so I felt better LOL. . . also most of the screws I use in the walls, hooks, etc are about 1/2" long, so not much damage. (screws from old cabinet hinges are great!) Our camper is getting older and i don't worry about reselling it, I want to fix it up for ME :) and now I LOVE IT!

News 24/5 said...

We just got a FF x139 and I'm voraciously reading your mods! The table ti just too big and we're looking for alternatives, so I'm super excited to see what you're going to do with it! Thanks for a great site, how thoughtful of you to make such detailed posts!

Wacky Pup said...

I'm so glad you like it! If you do any of my projects please share! I love pictures!! I have gotten the pictures and instructions up now Here's how to make a set of two snack tables and a dining table.

Wacky Pup said...

I got the instructions for the tables up now!

Unknown said...

I'm looking at rv's, trailers, class c's; trying to decide how small I can go for FT living. I just found your blog and am so inspired. Don't know that I have your carpentry skills, but I can follow directions pretty well. I am now excited that I can go smaller and still have comfort and storage!!! Your mind is a treasure. I just subscribed so I can keep up. You are appreciated!!!!!

Unknown said...

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