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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Dishes for the Camper! Yay!

Ok ya'll I have to share this! I am excited! By what you ask? Well, I have been married to my dear hubby for 10 years, and our camping dishes have been old Corelle from his, um, previous spouse. Which were ugly enough that she left them behind when she cleaned him out. So, being the type of person who says "THINGS don't matter" I've lived with the ugly dishes, quietly (well, mostly quietly, although I have my moments)

Well - NO MORE! Today we bought a brand new set of really pretty Corelle dishes in preparation for our big migration to Niagra Falls in the camper. (no, I have not finished repairing the window under the sink, but it was nice of you to ask) Dishes are important too, you know.

Aren't they pretty? They're called Midnight Garden
They came today, and I can't wait to donate the others to Goodwill and they can grace someone else's camper. 

What do you use in your camper? 

Now, get off the computer and go outside! Life's better outside!


Monday, May 04, 2015

New Camper Window! aka blown tire (np)

Hubby and I took the camper out to test all my 'improvements' and I'm happy to say that everything worked! Most were even better than I thought they would be!! Whoo hoo! This is not always the case with ideas I get in the middle of the night LOL

So, now that they've been road tested, I will start posting more photos and some tutorials of how I made them.


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