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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Don't Paint Your RV Cabinets! Easy Cabinet Remodel - No Prep! Won't Scratch Off!

Don't Paint Your RV Cabinets - Do this instead! Genius Idea from Wacky Pup!

When we went full-time, we bought a new 2019 Grand Design 19RLE. I love the floorplan, but the cabinetry is all DARK, I mean really DARK - Just about black. And there's a lot of it. And it's depressing, especially since we can't travel right now.

Don't Paint Your RV Cabinets - Do this instead! Genius Idea from Wacky Pup!

So, I thought about painting it. But, here's the deal - you may already know that your entire RV is coated with plastic! Like contact paper adhesive vinyl. Probably a little thicker, but maybe not. Plastic is practically impossible to paint successfully. If you sand it, you risk making scuffy places that will show through the paint. And the paint's not going to stick much better anyway, because --- it's PLASTIC.

My wonderful husband came up with a great idea!!! Read on to see how I completely redid my upper cabinets with extremely minimal prep - and it won't scratch off, or peel!!! 


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