Sunday, October 13, 2019

Make a Padded Sewing Machine Travel Cover and a GREAT TOOL for Turning Strips

If I can't take my sewing machine I'm not going! Even though my husband and I live full-time in a tiny 19' travel trailer (RV ha!) I always bring my sewing machine - it has come in very handy - from repairing clothes torn on hikes, to sewing a new kayak sail when we almost got washed out to sea.

These are instructions to make a sewing machine cover using heavy craft or packing foam. If you want to use quilt batting, you do it almost the same. I am in the process of writing up those instructions.

Padded Sewing Machine Travel Cover Tutorial - Pin It For Later!

This is a fairly easy project, but it's a little fiddly.

Padded Sewing Machine Travel Cover Tutorial - Pin It For Later!

You will need about a yard of fabric, and some padding. You need basic knowledge of sewing, but it's not a difficult project. Read on for a full tutorial.

Don't Kick the Bucket! Make an Easy DIY No-Spill Water Dish for Your Pet

I love having my dog with us while we travel. What I don't love is kicking the water bowl and spilling water all over the place every day. 

I came up with a way to make a no-spill pet water container for about $1.50

Want to see how?

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

DIY Storm Door for Your Camper

I love to look out the big door on our camper. However, many times, it's too hot, or too cold to have just the screen door. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a storm door?  I've heard of people using plexiglass to make a storm door. I don't have the room to store it, and I don't want to have it on all the time. I came up with a really flexible option for a storm door.

All you need is some clear vinyl and some sticky back velcro. 

How to Replace Your RV Electrical Plug

If your plug has gotten damaged in some way, don't throw your whole cord out. It's easy to replace a damaged end on your RV electrical cord.
I replaced mine because it was separating between the plug and the wire.
The replacement plug comes with full instructions, but I took some photos of the process while I did it.

If you haven't worked with anything like this before, it's scary. But it's really simple :)  Watch!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Holiday Decor that Doesn't Take Up Space!

If you live in an RV or camper or even just camp a lot, you know how hard it is to try to store and carry holiday decor. This week's post is a special Holiday article by a guest author with a great idea for space-saving Holiday decor! This idea is great no matter where you live - easy holiday decor!

(Don't worry, if you don't sew or don't have your machine with you, I have a solution at the end of the post)

Here's Karis to tell you how she did it -

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Wonderful! Free Printable and Silhouette Cut File

Free Printable and
Silhouette Cut File

I made this file earlier this year because I was so depressed about my new Grand Design XLS 19RLE camper. We had sold our house and moved in full time, only to find out that it had a horrible leak. After waiting for weeks to get into the repair shop, they DIDN'T FIX IT. They pulled the window out and did a poor job of putting it back, but the wall still leaked. It turned out that it was the entire seam that runs along the wall between the side and the floor. 

I fixed it myself.

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