Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wacky Pup Fun Finder X 189FBR for sale :(

Well, the time has come ... after some GREAT adventures and good times, we're parting with our Fun Finder X 189FBR. We have sold our house and are going full time. We decided to get a little larger one (23.5' instead of 18')

So, if you're interested, contact me, and hopefully we can work something out.

Seriously, we love this camper, it makes us sad to leave it :)

This camper has TONS of storage! Unbelievable storage!

Dual Axle
Outside Shower
New Blauplunkt Exterior Speakers
Front Window That Opens! With Rock Guard
Full Pass Through Storage
Trail-Air Suspension System
6 Gallon Dsi Electric/Gas Water Heater With Switch Inside Living Area
Large Cooking Area With Exhaust Fan
Dedicated Dog Feeding Area
Black Tank Hose Storage Two Compartments
Large Pull-Out Spice Rack
Water Pump And Potable Water Storage For Dry Camping
E-Z Lube Axles
Dual 15-Inch Alloy Wheels
Aluminum Framing
Laminated, Gel-Coated Walls
I-Beam Frame With Corner Jacks
EDPM Rubber Roof
Carries 40 Pounds Of Lp
3-Stage Charger/Converter,
16k BTU Electric Ignition Furnace
Shur-Flo Water Pump With E-Z Wintering Kit
Large 2-Door Dometic Refrigerator/Freezer (keeps ice cream!)
Duo-Therm Brisk-Air AC

It is ready to go with all systems and appliance functional and operational. 


Good Tires
Newly sealed. 
Roof coated with Henry's Tropi-Cool last summer 
All LED Lighting
Replaced all window blinds with light-blocking, washable curtains.


Truly comfortable couch with springs!
Four large storage drawers. 

Washable Slipcovers on all cushions. 

Removable Washable Cushions with separate matching slip covers
(this is the color, not the patterns shown in other photos)

Rolling Storage Trolley with Removable Serving Tray.

Individual Snack/Laptop Tables
Or Dining Table

Side Arm Snack Table 

Original floorplan - vs - New Couch & Storage Trolley floorplan


Extra storage over the bed. 
60" by 80" full size queen size memory foam mattress.


Separate Shower controls
Six Arm Swing Out Towel/Laundry Rack

Extra-Large Mirrored Corner Cabinet. 
Hidden toilet paper storage. 
Separate shower controls. 


Residential height stainless steel kitchen sink with storage drawers. 
Very Large additional storage drawer (20"x24")
Sliding spice rack 
Pull out counter 
Room for a dishwasher
or induction stove top (possibly


room for a dishwasher! (negotiable)


Automatically latching cabinet for laptops & peripherals

Shelving accessible from wardrobe or bathroom


Room for washing machine with drain or tons of clothing storage.

Sewer Line storage

Handy Black Hose Storage (2 compartments)

Comes with brand new 32" TV (24" pictured)

If the price is right, I'll even include the removable custom window awnings.

We haven't had many issues, I replaced the ac/dc converter a few years ago. I replaced the front window with one that opens and it leaks a little bit randomly. It goes for months without leaking, and if you spent some time with it I think you could figure out how to fix it. It's because it opens (great for a nice breeze) and it's on a slanted wall.

Last time I was on the roof, I put my knee through the bathroom skylight. I patched up the skylight temporarily and it doesn't leak but I will include the brand new one that I bought to replace it.

Friday, January 12, 2018

How To Sew Your Own Kayak Sail for Any Kayak! DIY Tutorial with Photos

Great Camping & Kayaking Tutorials! Wacky Pup - Make your own kayak sail!

When we bought our first 'beginner' kayaks, they were really neat. They were made by Lifetime and were small, lightweight and best of all, they came with the sails you see in the photo.  We have long since moved on to better kayaks, but we use those sails with every kayak we own including a Hobie tandem. Since we lost a sail, I came up with a way to make them myself. Here's how I did it

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Watch TV Around Corners with a DIY Sliding TV Mount for Small Spaces

Watch TV Around Corners with a DIY Sliding TV Bracket - Amazing! Wacky Pup Blog

I was so excited when I figured out how to mount a tv or heavy object on a thin wall with no visible big hunk of wood!
(Tutorial Here)

 Then, I added a dishwasher to my camper
(Tutorial Here), and - now I can't turn the tv as far as I used to!

I figured there must be some way to redesign the mount, and after some trial and error, and much more elaborate ways of accomplishing this, I came up with a very simple, sturdy and easy to make way to make a movable tv mount that can swing around corners! Read on to see how I did it!

Monday, November 13, 2017

How To Install A Real Working Stainless Steel Dishwasher In Your Tiny House Or Rv, Travel Trailer Or Camper

I am a big fan of modern technology! Did you know they actually make real stainless steel dishwashers that are only 17 inches tall?  When I saw that there were small dishwashers that I could fit into my travel trailer, I knew I would have to get one! They will fit into virtually any RV, Camper or Travel Trailer.

Install a real dishwasher in your tiny house or camper

This is the one I got and I'm going to show you how I installed it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

My Favorite Things for Small Space Living

.Necessities and Gifts for Small Space Living or Camping! Great Ideas here!

If you are looking for a few things to add to your camper, or gifts for someone who has a small space, here are some items that I really get a lot of use out of including TINY APPLIANCES!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How To Add a Two Compartment Sewer Hose Storage to A Camper/RV - Bonus How to Modify for Permanent 90' Fitting

DIY Storage - This site has amazing ideas! DIY & Tutorials for all kinds of stuff!

I love my little camper, but it doesn't have a bumper to store the sewer hose in. When you drain the tanks, it's bad enough to deal with the hose, without having to try to shove it into a bucket. I didn't like having it stored in the camper with the rest of our stuff, either. So I was excited to build this storage area for it. This post will show you how I built an RV sewer hose storage from a vinyl fence post that will work even if you have a permanent 90' fitting on the end!

IF YOU STORE YOURS IN YOUR BUMPER: Even when we had a trailer with a bumper, we did not store it in the bumper - the inside is metal, and rusts, and gets rough and will eventually make holes in your sewer line. So even if you have a bumper, this is a better way to store it. After making the holder, just strap it to your bumper.

I used a 5" square vinyl fence post, two fence caps, some metal strapping, screws and a piece of scrap plywood. 

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