Saturday, November 12, 2016

Silk Flower Envy - Amazing DIY Table System - 2 Snack Tables and Dining Table

This amazing table system stores away in very little space -
but becomes 2 snack tables or a dining table! Simple and inexpensive to build. And I'll show you how!

I admit it, I have "Silk Flower Envy" - those big motorhomes . . . (we're the one in the middle, in case you're confused) . . . the big motorhomes always have flowers in the window. Well, now I do too!

Start with a nice comfy couch, mine has 4 slide-out storage boxes. You do need to have a solid surface at the front of the couch to screw in the brackets. If you don't have one, you might be able to adapt the idea to fit somewhere else. If you do, send me a picture!!

Add two pvc pipes and some brackets.

now you have two snack tables! Sturdy enough to use for your laptop.

One even has a cup holder!

When you're done, unscrew the pipes from the tops, slide everything away!

If you have silk flower envy . . . 

You know the big motorhomes that have the silk flowers in the vase in the window?
 Well, here's what's next -

The same two pieces of pvc pipe

Plus a board for the back support

Add a nice table top -

And you too can have silk flowers in the window!

Big enough to play games!

Ok, so here's all you need:

Two of these:

PVC Reducing Male Adapter

I used 1" PVC pipe, so the fitting I got was 1" reducing to 3/4"and it cost about $1.25

About 4 feet of PVC Pipe 

- about $2.50 for 10' which is more than enough to make multiple sets.

 4 of these:

Plastic pipe strap, two for each leg. You can use galvanized pipe straps if you want, but plastic is not as painful to run into in tight quarters.

and two of these:

Threaded Floor Flange that fits the pvc adapter.
I used iron, but I think there are plastic ones available. 

I am not giving exact measurements because it depends on the size of your couch, and how high you want the table.

1.  Decide how long the legs need to be to make the table as high as you want and be long enough to go through 2 brackets at the bottom. 

2. Decide where you are going to mount the legs of the table. If you are only making the snack tables, it doesn't matter where the legs go, or if you have 1, 2 or 7 of them.  If you are going to make the dining table as well, you need at least 2 legs and they need to be spaced apart a minimum of 2" narrower than the table width.  

3. Cut the pvc pipe and attach the reducer to one end. If you're going to use them very much, you'll probably want to glue it with pvc glue.

4. Cut, sand and finish the table tops. Mine are about 16"-18" square. You can't make them too much bigger and only have one leg. 

5. Screw the pipe flange to the bottom of each table top. 

Mount the pipe flanges off center and you can adjust the position of the tables by turning them.

6.  Attach 2 brackets to the front of the couch for each table. The pipe will slide down into them and hold steady. You will need to have a stop at the bottom so the pipe does not slide down past the bracket. This can be as simple as a screw sticking out to block it, or you could make something more elaborate like a block of wood. It's not going to be noticeable, so it's not important what you make it from.

Now - how to get over your silk flower envy!

To make the dining table you use the same two pipes and brackets and add a larger table top.

1. Cut a piece of wood to size

2. Mark where the legs hit it and cut holes there, using a spade bit.  Be sure to go only 1/2 way through the board, then flip it over and finish drilling the hole from the other side. This will make your hole much cleaner.

3. Set it on top of the legs and measure the height of the back from the base of the couch. 

4. Cut a piece of wood this size to prop up the back of the table opposite the legs. The cushions will hold it in place. If you have kids or rambunctious dogs, or are just clumsy like me, you might want to hinge this piece to the top piece so that it can't slide off while you have two plates of spaghetti on the table. I did not hinge mine, and it hasn't budged, but I can't guarantee that it won't. I put 3 rubber bumpers on the top edge of the prop board so that it is less likely to slide off. 

5. Sand and finish both the boards, then get some silk flowers and put them on your new table!

Now, if you want to be extra fancy, you can fill in the tops of the pvc pipes with a dowel,

or even Durham's Water Putty, which is a lot easier. That is what I did the second time, and lost the photos. If I find them, I'll post them.

When you're done admiring your great new table system,

Go Play Outside!!

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