Monday, February 22, 2016

Brand New Shower in One Day for $20! (done1)

If you don't have two tubes of caulking and a piece of plexiglass laying around it will cost you a few dollars more.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

FREE and Easy Fix for a Tiny Shower (done1)

In my tiny camper there is a tiny shower. It is 24" x 22" I think. 

Here is the shower curtain rail as it came with the camper. Every time I take a shower, I am irritated by how hard it is to move the curtain around a 90' bend. Seriously? this is the engineers design? They should make the designers take a shower in it LOL

I removed the screws holding it to the ceiling. There was not even any caulking in the holes, so it was simple!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Since You Asked: Mods I've Made to My Li'l Camper

This post is a quick overview of some of the mods I've made to my camper. If you have a Fun Finder 189FBR these will apply directly to your camper. But, even if you don't, I'm sure there are plenty of interesting ideas here that you can modify a little and use in your own camper. Many of my ideas I have not seen anywhere else. 

If you would like me to write a post with directions on how to do any of these, just leave a comment and I will make a post with instructions to DIY. 


Very rarely, I will buy something instead of making it. When I do, I will post it here, and the link will give me about one cent if you click on it LOL. So if you would like to really give me a penny for my thoughts, please click on the links I put up or any of the ads on the sidebar.

The photos were taken in a hurry to answer someone's question, so the camper is a mess - I am in the middle of doing a few things, so disregard the sawdust & clutter LOL

My husband, our two dogs and I have spent more than two months at a time in this tiny camper. All the mods shown here are workable and have vastly improved our experience. Let me know if any are helpful to you!

Three of the fastest and easiest mods that were great improvements: 

Raised handles on all lower cabinets!! Yay! For some reason, all the cabinet handles were in the middle of the door - so about shin level - ack! Much improved by raising.

If you click on a photo of something I bought, it will take you to the product page for that item. If you click on a picture of something I've done or built, it will enlarge the photo to show you more details.

Replaced the white panel on the screen door with a clear one - what a difference!  See it here (and give me a penny LOL)

Removed or raised blinds & valances that were covering part of the windows.

~ NOTE even though I have this broken up into 'rooms' this is a tiny 18' one room camper ~


When I bought the camper, only the two larger doors opened. The ends were just closed off empty space and the middle was a tacky mirror thing that didn't open.

I fixed that :)

There was a tiny dinette where I built the couch -
This is what it looked like before:

It was tiny and uncomfortable, but it took up a LOT of room.
I have series of posts about removing it and building this couch  here

You can see how much more spacious the camper feels now. 

The dinette was 32" deep and the couch is 24" so we've gained 8" - which doesn't sound like much, but it went from about 24" of walking room to over 30"! It is amazing how much bigger the camper feels now. 

Hubby and I used to have to take turns standing up, lol. The original dinette cushions are the seat cushions, the couch arms are spare bed pillows for reading in bed & the back is a body pillow for night.

The storage boxes make accessing everything SO MUCH easier.

I built removable tables that fit into brackets in front of couch.  

There is also a swing-up snack table on the arm by the door.

Our daughter in law gave us this marvelous  'personal' table by Lifetime which fits perfectly! It is   30" L x 20" W  and adjustable from 21"- 28" high.  Here's your chance to give me a penny - check it out!   We have ended up using this more than the small tables, especially for meals. It folds flat and stores in the shower when we're not using it.

Here is how I modified the boxes so that the legs of the table can slide under to make more walking room. The holes are boxed in so that the storage boxes are still usable. 

There's a rolling trolley that slides in between the couch and bed and
has 8 feet of shelf space in 10 1/2" See more about it here

I put chalkboard contact paper on all doors for marking contents & making notes (love this!!) use upside down cup handle to hold chalk. 

The chalkboard over the kitchen sink is removable so you can take your list shopping with you. Sticky back Velcro holds it to the door.

For most of the cabinets, I used regular contact paper and spray painted it black with Walmart flat black spray paint. It makes great chalkboard. If you want to use real adhesive chalkboard vinyl - here's where to get it (affiliate link ... penny for my thoughts)


For some reason, they made the counter really low. I found the best solution is to get a folding stool from Walmart (of course) to sit on while I wash dishes. It folds up flat and stores by the toilet with a bungee cord to keep it in place.

Added a pull out wire basket which allows much easier use of area under the sink.

Replaced furnace thermostat with a digital one - haven't used it yet.

Made pan lid holders that are really handy! 

Replaced standard faucet with this wonderful GOOSENECK FAUCET - for under $40

Added wine glass rack over sink - dollar tree socks cut in half protect them and the yellow bottle keeps them from sliding out of the rack while traveling.

Added built in spice rack to side of microwave cabinet - really simple. Cheese board swings out of the way for access. Made tea & spice holder on side of range fan. 

Built dog food & water area in what was a blank section under refrigerator and now I don't trip over the dog food all the time and the water can't be spilled!! 


AMAZING FREE mod to a small shower - here I moved the shower head & modified the existing shower curtain track and gained tons of space in the shower 


Rebuilt small medicine cabinet into large corner medicine cabinet

Oxygenics Shower Head 
One of the most important mods to making your camping trip comfortable - I replaced the pathetic shower head with an  Oxygenics Shower head.  I had seen where other people said it was great, but didn't really think it would make that much difference. So, for hubby's birthday, I bought one LOL perfect present - for both of us, but I got credit for a good gift LOL - anyway - it is amazing. It mixes air into the water and makes it feel like you are using a lot more water than you are. I can actually shower until I want to get out and not run out of hot water! It really is amazing !

Installed 2 sets of towel hooks plus single hooks by bathroom sink to hold washcloths. & towels. 

Installed stick up hooks in shower area.

Put loops & names on all towels, buttonholes in all washcloths so everything can go on a hook. You can see the washcloths in the photo of the medicine cabinet.


Replaced mattress with memory foam mattress.
Made wall pocket on far side of bed for clock, kleenex, sleep mask etc.

Removed bunk door panel and built shelving, covered by curtains. Holds a TON of stuff! I installed the wire shelving upside down so there is a bar to keep stuff from bouncing off. Nothing ever has. Removable, washable curtains with pvc curtain rod. Tutorial to come!

Installed  IKEA led reading lights on each side of bed - unfortunately they are not 12v so can't wire them directly in. They were $10 in the store, but you can get them at Amazon for a little more. Just remove the bottom, cut a piece of wood that fits, screw the wood to the wall, screw the light to the wood. (Tutorial to come, if you ask :)

Added shelving to large found storage area under head of bed -  see post here



Made USB charging area on end of cabinets that holds multiple tablets, phones & gps.

Added outlet under the front (side?) of the bed (kitchen/hallway lol) It is boxed in and recessed so that you can have something plugged in when you pull out the rolling trolley.


Made sayings to cut with my Silhouette Cameo and stick all over the outside of the camper :) like: Camping is cheaper than therapy
If you would like the cut files, let me know!

Life is Short Go Camping!

Live in the Sunshine
Swim the Sea
Drink the Wild Air

Adventure Awaits

Other Mods:

Added hooks everywhere :)

Made vinyl overlay for screen door so that we can have the door open when it's hot or cold. It's held on with velcro. I plan to post a tutorial on this, let me know if you're interested.

Removed & reseated front window and one side window that were really badly installed and leaked

Replaced the electrical inverter - easy peasy!

Planning to
Make a cutting board to fit sink.
Insulate front window so I won't freeze when it's cold :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Amazing Swing Up Table

Finally a new post! and a sort-of tutorial! Well photos at least. 

When I removed the dinette and built a couch, I wanted to make a place to put things, okay food, while we sat there.

 You can't sit on a couch without food within reach. Even though the kitchen is technically in reach, I wanted a snack table on the arm for hubby to put his snacks :) (complete with cup holder) 
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