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Outdoor Projects & Mods

There are a LOT of tutorials here for neat things outside - including sewer storage, solar shades and awnings - They are in no particular order yet, so make sure you scroll all the way to the end.  Also, check out the links above, there are Mods for ComfortStorage ModsPet ModsKayak & Bike Mods

At the bottom of each page there is a section of tutorials that are not finished yet, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND VOTE FOR WHICH ONE TO FINISH NEXT!

My husband, our two dogs and I have spent more than two months at a time in this tiny camper. All the mods shown here are workable and have vastly improved our experience. Let me know if any are helpful to you!

 Emergency Window Mod Tutorial Here




Easy - Add Sliding Basket Drawers
Add A Shelf Under Your Overhead Cabinets
Easy - Add A Fan At Your Vent
Found Storage Behind Media Center
Easy - How To Hook Up Your Camper Using A Coupler Safety Pin
How To Mount The Kayak Sails To Any Kayak
How To Paint Clouds
Make A Light Blocker For The Skylight Over The Bed
Make A Lined Dog Basket Lining
Easy - Make A No Sew Vinyl Storm Door
Make A Padded Traveling Cover For Your Sewing Machine
Make A Pull-Out Shelf (Behind Media)
Make A Skylight Cover
Easy - Make A Tea/Spice Rack Or Plastic Wrap Holder From A Wine Box
Make A TV/Monitor Cover With Storage Pockets
Sew A Night Shade To Read In Bed Under Bunk
Easy - Open Base Cabinet Storage For Easy Access
Modify A Bunk And Add Storage
Cutting Board Tray Doubles as Stove Cover

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