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Friday, May 12, 2017

No More Crappy Faucets! Plus Bonus Hidden Storage - Installing a Thermostatic Mixing Faucet in my Camper Trailer

This was written to install a thermostatic mixing faucet, but really, you could install any faucet using this method.

installing a second faucet in a camper / rv - easy thermostatic faucet installation step-by-step - GENIUS!
I decided to wait until we got home from camping to install the new faucet for the shower. You can see quite a few to choose from here (scroll down to mid-page) Some are really neat - square, or narrower than the one I got.

 I'm really glad I did! It was more complicated than I planned (isn't it always?)  For your convenience, I have posted affiliate links to the actual products I used.  Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this article. I really do appreciate it!

There are a couple issues with installing this faucet on a flat wall with flexible supply lines. The first is that the fittings that come with it are offset because it is actually designed to be installed into threaded copper pipes so it doesn't need any additional support. Since I am putting it through the side of a cabinet, I have to have a way to support it.


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