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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystical Pyramid Box with Vintage Pewter Ral Partha Jozhal Dragon Miniature Figure

Mystical Pyramid Box with Vintage Pewter Ral Partha Dragon Figurine Jozhal

Harness the Power of the Pyramids!
- or just enjoy this unique fiery stained glass box

3 1/2" x 4 3/4" high, overall
Dragon on platform is 1 1/2" tall
Box is 3 1/4" high

This fantastic triangular stained glass box is made of highly textured burnt orange glass that really catches the light. The light is amplified by the mirrored bottom. A vintage pewter Jozhal dragon holding an ax or scythe tops the pyramidal box. The solder work on the sides of the box is also highly textured. Each side of the triangle is 3 1/2". The dragon is a vintage Ral Partha miniature AD&D Dark Sun pewter Jozhal figurine # 11-710

It is the perfect fantasy accent for your shelf or desk. It will hold rings or small items. It could even hold dice or ephemera for Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D), World of Warcraft, Everquest or other role-playing games. He looks like a dragon, raptor or even a dinosaur to me.

The bottom is covered with felt so it won't scratch surfaces.

I carefully cut and grind each piece of glass by hand, wrap with copper foil and solder together using historic Tiffany methods. I then clean and polish every part thoroughly til it shines!

Don't miss your chance to get a Wacky Pup Design, Each one is different - there will be no two that are exactly alike. This piece will last for generations!


Thanks for looking, and don't forget to get a little WACKY today!
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