Wacky Pup Projects & Tutorials

There are a LOT of tutorials here - They are in no particular order yet, so make sure you scroll all the way to the end. 

At the bottom there is a section of tutorials that are not finished yet, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND VOTE FOR WHICH ONE TO FINISH NEXT!

Some of the finished tutorials include:

Most of the photos will take you to a tutorial. I have marked a few of them as product links, because I really like the product and you should have one too!

My husband, our two dogs and I have spent more than two months at a time in this tiny camper. All the mods shown here are workable and have vastly improved our experience. Let me know if any are helpful to you!

It is    30" L x 20" W  and adjustable from 21"- 28" high. 
It folds flat and stores in the shower when we're not using it.

Tutorial to Come

 Emergency Window Mod Tutorial Here




Easy - Add Sliding Basket Drawers
Add A Shelf Under Your Overhead Cabinets
Easy - Add A Fan At Your Vent
Found Storage Behind Media Center
Easy - How To Hook Up Your Camper Using A Coupler Safety Pin
How To Mount The Kayak Sails To Any Kayak
How To Paint Clouds
Make A Light Blocker For The Skylight Over The Bed
Make A Lined Dog Basket Lining
Easy - Make A No Sew Vinyl Storm Door
Make A Padded Traveling Cover For Your Sewing Machine
Make A Pull-Out Shelf (Behind Media)
Make A Skylight Cover
Easy - Make A Tea/Spice Rack Or Plastic Wrap Holder From A Wine Box
Make A TV/Monitor Cover With Storage Pockets
Sew A Night Shade To Read In Bed Under Bunk
Easy - Open Base Cabinet Storage For Easy Access
Modify A Bunk And Add Storage

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