Thursday, August 03, 2017

Make Your Own Sink Cover for More Counter Space DIY Tutorial.

DIY Sink Cover Tutorial for Small Kitchens by Wacky Pup! RV Camper Apartment! Genius!

This is a simple project, and really adds a lot of space. Most campers/trailers/rvs come with a cover for your sink, but some are not very useful. Mine was made of the same chipboard/formica as the counter. I couldn't even use it as a cutting board, and after a few years, being by the sink made the chipboard swell up and become 'unsightly'. Of course, if you buy a second hand camper, you might not even get one!

I decided to make a more useful, durable and attractive cutting board / sink cover myself.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How I Raised My Low Camper Sink! Added Storage Too!

Amazing Mod Fixes a Low Sink - End Backaches - Genius!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOD EVER! I can't tell you how much I love this!! I go into the camper and just stand in front of my 'new' sink and smile!! It's so nice and much more comfortable! Plus it looks snazzy! and has new storage . . . .  

Amazing Mod for a Low Sink - End Backaches - Genius!

I love my camper!!! But one thing that has always been irritating is that the kitchen counter is VERY low, just a little over 33 inches high - 3" lower than a standard counter! I'm moderately tall, 5'9" and my husband is 6'4" so it's very uncomfortable, actually painful! to wash dishes, or even prepare meals. The only solution I came up with was to bring a stool to sit on -- one more thing to fit into this tiny camper :)

Amazing Mod for a Low Sink - End Backaches - Genius!

Over the years I've owned the camper, I had thought about how to raise the counter but didn't want to rip out the whole cabinet. I thought I'd have to raise the stove also, and I didn't want to mess with gas lines. A couple days ago, I realized I could JUST RAISE THE SINK!

Very simple, and pretty quick! Ended up with two storage drawers and lots more room in the cabinet under the sink, too! Win-win-win!! So here's how I did it!

Monday, June 05, 2017

How to Make Easy DIY PVC Awnings for Your Camper - Fully Adjustable & Removable

How to make a fully adjustable, removable awning from PVC - full tutorial! Genius!

The large roll-out awning on the front shades most of our camper. However, there is a window at the head of the bed that seems to get a lot of HOT sun, no matter where we are parked. Or rain, it gets rain, too. I decided that there must be some way to make an awning that would work for protection, but be removable and break down for storage. Oh, and fully adjustable, that would be nice! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

No More Crappy Faucets! Plus Bonus Hidden Storage - Installing a Thermostatic Mixing Faucet in my Camper Trailer

This was written to install a thermostatic mixing faucet, but really, you could install any faucet using this method.

installing a second faucet in a camper / rv - easy thermostatic faucet installation step-by-step - GENIUS!
I decided to wait until we got home from camping to install the new faucet for the shower. This is the one I got - for less than $40! I'm really glad I did! It was more complicated that I planned (isn't it always?)  For your convenience, I have posted affiliate links to the actual products I used.  Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this article. I really do appreciate it!

There are a couple issues with installing this faucet on a flat wall with flexible supply lines. The first is that the fittings that come with it are offset because it is actually designed to be installed into threaded copper pipes so it doesn't need any additional support. Since I am putting it through the side of a cabinet, I have to have a way to support it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Table System - How to Finish the Tops of the Table Legs

Use Durham's Water Putty to fill in the tops of empty legs! Great Idea!

When the dining table is up, the tops of the legs are visible. So, I thought I should finish them off a little nicer than just bare pvc. 

First I filled them with a wood dowel. This worked great, but when I made a second set, I didn't have another dowel.

Use Durham's Water Putty to fill in the tops of empty legs! Great Idea!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Rolling Storage Trolley with 8' of Storage in 11" and FREE Landscape Pattern

DIY Tutorial for Rolling Storage Trolley with 8' of Storage in 11" and FREE Landscape Pattern

More Found Storage - When I replaced the dinette with a storage couch, I ended up with about 11" of empty space between the couch and the bed.  I built a rolling trolly to fit there. It has about 8 feet of storage space!

Monday, March 13, 2017

How I Made a Soft E-Collar for My Small Dog for $1

How to make a soft e-collar for a small dog for $1 - Genius!

Today's post is a little different. My little girl got spayed a couple weeks ago. 
She came home from the vet in a hard plastic Elizabethan Collar, otherwise known as an E-Collar. It was pokey and very uncomfortable. I looked online and found lots of variations of softer collars, ranging from $10 to over $30.

This one is under $20 
How to make a soft e-collar for a small dog for $1 - Genius!

I'm going to show you how I made a nice e-collar for her from a $1 dish mat. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes start to finish.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

oOOPS! Or the Saga of the Crappy Plastic Faucet

We are on the first week of our first 2 month trip for the year. I am loving all the mods I've done to my little camper. By the way, I need to have a name for our camper, any suggestions? I'm not coming up with anything good :(  If you have an idea for a name for our camper, please make a suggestion in the comments section below - thanks!

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