Tuesday, March 07, 2017

oOOPS! Or the Saga of the Crappy Plastic Faucet

We are on the first week of our first 2 month trip for the year. I am loving all the mods I've done to my little camper. By the way, I need to have a name for our camper, any suggestions? I'm not coming up with anything good :(  If you have an idea for a name for our camper, please make a suggestion in the comments section below - thanks!

almost totally made of plastic . . . actually, I think it is TOTALLY made of plastic, not 'almost'.

I've already replaced the kitchen one with this WONDERFUL flexible gooseneck model (also less than $40):  (I've added links to the actual products for your convenience. I get a few cents if you purchase one, at no cost to you :) So please purchase through my links if you appreciate my information. Thanks!)


So, I get ready to take a shower and the stupid shower valve pulls right off! It is badly designed, you have to yank up on a thin plastic piece every time you want to take a shower. Obviously, this thin plastic piece is not going to withstand too much yanking.

I get on amazon and check - for $25, I can get another crummy plastic faucet. Hmm, there has to be something better! All of a sudden, I stumble across this:

Now we're getting somewhere! I can add a separate shower control! This will be great!  This is an amazing little faucet - the right knob maintains the water temperature you set and the left knob varies the amount of water flow.  You can turn it on and off and still have the same temperature!! I am really looking forward to this! AND it's less than $40 and it's SOLID BRASS!! Apparently, they are commonly used in Europe.

Because I am going to have to mount it on the side of the sink cabinet, I want the shower hose to connect to the top, but there is another model that has the connection on the bottom if you're able to mount it higher. 


I've put in an order and should receive it tomorrow! (gotta love amazon prime) I'll be posting details of how I mount it when I get it finished.

The faucet arrived - and I've got a post about installing it here - be sure to read it, there are some tips and good ideas!

Now, go play outside!

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