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Monday, October 28, 2019

Random Crap Memory Box - Lightweight - Inexpensive - Easy DIY Craft + Free Printable

I originally made a memory box out of plywood that was quite elaborate (eventually I'll write up the instructions). Now that we live in our RV full time, weight is always an issue. My plywood memory box needs to be replaced with a lighter weight version.

I surfed the net and looked for some ideas. Cute ones like "Making Memories" generic ones like "Ticket Box" Smaltzy ones like "Love lives here" but none of them were right. 

Then I remembered seeing a cigar trinket box that said "Random Crap from here and there" - Perfect! 

This one is easy to make and costs $2. Well, plus the hot glue if you don't have it already. But, being a crafter, I'm sure you have it! Read on for full instructions! 

It starts with a lightweight photo frame. I got mine at the Dollar Tree. Find one that has a nice deep frame, as you will be gluing a box to the back. 

This is the one I got

It has a nice deep rabbet in the back that will hold the box securely.

Also, pick up a sheet of the black foam board.

I like the fact it's made in the U.S.A. There are quite a few items in Dollar Tree that are made here :)

Make a 3 sided box that fits into the back of your frame

If you can see the clips that hold the glass, remove them. 
Hot glue the box into the frame.

Make a lid that fits over the top of the box to keep dust out :)
Do this by cutting a piece that covers the gap.  Cut a smaller piece that fits into the gap. Glue them together.

I used a black marker to darken the edges of the styrofoam where it is visible. 

You could use black electrical tape, or colorful washi tape, or clear tape if you want. I recommend taping the edges as they will separate and show more white if you don't.


Looks pretty good!

I used sticky back velcro to hold it to the wall.

If you have a vinyl cutter, you can put the words on the glass.

If you don't have a vinyl cutter, I've made a few different versions in pdf files you can print out and insert into the box.  They are downloadable by clicking below - one zip file with all six options. The actual artwork does not have the 'WackyPup' watermark over it.

If you do this, send me a picture and I'll post it here for an example.

Thanks for visiting and if you make one of these, send me a picture or comment below!

Now Go Play Outside!

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