Wednesday, October 02, 2019

How to Replace Your RV Electrical Plug

If your plug has gotten damaged in some way, don't throw your whole cord out. It's easy to replace a damaged end on your RV electrical cord.
I replaced mine because it was separating between the plug and the wire.
The replacement plug comes with full instructions, but I took some photos of the process while I did it.

If you haven't worked with anything like this before, it's scary. But it's really simple :)  Watch!

Before I start with this project, I want to strongly encourage you to get a surge protector / line evaluator that will not only protect your camper from power surges, but will let you know if there is a problem with the power you are about to plug your camper into, such as open ground or reversed polarity. I recommend Progressive Industries, they have many different types. I have the basic one with rain cover. Although, if you put one of these new plugs on, the cover won't go down over the handle :(

Camco makes UL listed replacement plugs for both 30 Amp and 50 Amp.  I recommend them instead of knock-off brand.' Make sure you get the right one for your camper. You can't put a 50A on a 30A camper, and vice versa.

50 Amp Plug
30 Amp Plug

You can save a lot of money (and gain confidence in repair and maintenance) by doing this repair job yourself.


This is how I installed my Camco Mini PowerGrip Handle Plug

First, I cut the old plug off.  

Tin snips work great for this - If  you don't have any, you could do the wires individually after cutting the black plastic.

I measured the distance it says to remove the plastic to separate the wires.
In my case it looks like it was 2 3/4" so I marked it with a piece of masking tape
Then I cut ONLY the black plastic. Be careful not to nick the colored wires.

I then removed the colored plastic covering the wires to the measurement they specify. In this case 1/2".  I have a fancy-smancy wire stripper, but 
a wire stripper is optional. You can do this with a knife, or even scissors. Be careful not to cut the metal wires. If you do, you can just start over, your cord will just end up a little tiny bit shorter.

Here is the wire ready to attach.
The black wire was cut off, and the small wires were stripped.
I separated the new plug into its two sections

The directions show which wires go where. 
You MUST attach them EXACTLY as shown in the included instructions.
Failure to do so will really damage your trailer and every electrical thing in it.
But, it's simple, just make sure the right colors are in the right places.

One nice thing about this brand, you can remove the prongs so you can wire it up tightly. Make sure you screw them down TIGHT.

After screwing the wires on, I inserted the prongs back in their holes.

I screwed the clamp down across the black cord. This keeps the cord from pulling on the connections and keeps them from getting loose.

I screwed the plug back together!

That's it! You're done! And you have a brand new end on your electrical cord! Yay for you!

Now go camping!!

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