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Monday, November 04, 2019

Three Things to Have for Winter Camping (or Full-Timing)

Winter Things I Love in My RV!

If you're going to camp in the winter - or if you're full time, and not even in a really cold area, here are 3 things that will be really helpful this winter. (Yes, that is a photo of my old RV in the winter in Missouri in 1997 - apparently, I've been trying to get full-time for many years!)

These would make great Christmas gifts!

I swear I really don't shop this much! but I recently bought a  great little dehumidifier for the camper, because winter means the dreaded condensation problem! This is a Peltier type, meaning it doesn't use a compressor. This means A) it's lightweight B) inexpensive (only $19!), C) much quieter & lighter than a compressor type. Most of the peltier type units in this price range are rated to remove 1 cup per day. This one is rated at 2x that! 2 cups per day, which in a trailer is enough to make a real difference. I've been using it about two weeks 24/7 at this point and we can tell.

 We still have a little condensation on the windows in the morning, but not as much. We like to sleep cool so we will probably always have condensation, but this has sure improved things. I am getting close to 2 cups a day of water removed from the air in the trailer! This is wonderful! 

Vremi 1 Pint Compact Portable Dehumidifier

The third thing we bought for this winter is this electric oil-filled radiator - it's wonderful! That is what we use the electronic thermostat-controlled plug for!

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater, 1500W Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

I just found a new thing! I wish someone had told me about these things last winter!  You can put an actual real thermostat on any space heater! We are using an electric oil-filled radiator to heat the camper. This allows us to set it to an exact temperature. How cool is that? I have tested it out and it really works! Right now I have it controlling a fan because it's hot today! (80's today and the other night 20's - love Texas!) You can set it for heating or cooling. Pretty easy to set and the instructions are in English! I got this one because there is a button to manually turn the outlet on or off. Sharing because I could have used it last winter LOL - wish I had known!

DIGITEN Wireless Thermostat, Temperature Controller Outlet Remote Control Built in Temp Sensor Thermometer 3 Prong Plug

Now Go Play Outside!!

(dress warmly!)

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