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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Kefir - It's a Thing! An easy thing! Super Easy Method For Making Kefir - Even Double Fermented Kefir - Work Less Than 5 Minutes

Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!

I just sent kefir grains out to some friends. I thought I'd make it easier for them to find the info on what to do with them as well as upload a video of the procedure that I use to make REALLY yummy kefir - it takes less than 5 minutes a day.

Backstory - A number of years ago, I was in such pain - everything hurt, my muscles felt like someone had beaten me, I had heartburn so bad I ended up in the emergency room, and I was beginning to think I had fibromyalgia.

Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!

I went to a gastroenterologist who, after a complete g.i. laparoscopy handed me pink pills and told me to take them the rest of my life. Um - NO! I don't believe in treating symptoms. I was determined to find the problem. Turns out, after much sleuthing and diet research, I am sensitive to gluten!

After a few years on a gluten-free diet, I ran across an article that said that sourdough bread was basically gluten-free. So, I learned sourdough. I make everything out of fully fermented sourdough now. I am going to be posting some directions so you can make everything from breads, English muffins, cookies, even banana bread from fully fermented flour. 

Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!

That started me on my fermenting journey. I recently discovered kefir. It's amazingly pro-biotic and so easy to make - easier than yogurt and it tastes better. Read on to see how little work it is to make your own kefir. (Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts - Click here to get the posts by email)

You do have to start with kefir grains. Once you get them, they grow, so you can share them. I paid about $20 for mine because I didn't know anyone who had any, but if you're in the DFW area of Texas, I'd be glad to share :)

Here is the process after you've got the hang of it - just be patient!

If you can't see the video click here - Super Simple Kefir

Kefir has probiotic bacteria like yogurt, only a lot more strains, and it also has probiotic yeast. The fermentation reduces the lactose to practically nothing and adds carbonation.

You can make smoothies or drink it straight. It's best after it's been refrigerated for awhile.

Here is the basic start-up for rejuvenating kefir grains you received in the mail. If you got them from a friend, they are probably good to go, and don't need to be rejuvenated.


You will need:** 
(clarification at end of article)
Jar with Lid 
Kefir grains
Funnel (optional)

5 Minute Kefir Process:

1) Add grains to milk
2) Allow to sit 24 hours
3) Strain out grains
4) Bottle kefir & refrigerate
5) Add fresh Milk to grains
6) Repeat ad infinitum

Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!

How to 'Rejuvenate' Kefir Grains That Were Mailed

As soon as possible after the package arrives empty the kefir grains into a jar and add about 1 cup milk. Cold is fine, or room temp. Shake it up, then let it sit on the counter for up to 24 hours. It should set up into curds.

Keep track of how long it took to set up - you want to catch it BEFORE it separates into curds/whey, but it's still usable, even then. You will see little lines in it when it is ready to strain. Here is mine, a little too ready LOL

Simplest explanation of how to make kefir I've ever seen!! Clear, simple, quick & easy!

I shake it well before straining so it breaks up the curds. Push the kefir through the colander with a spoon. I use a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. Stainless steel bowls are fine.

What is left in the strainer is the kefir grains. Put them either back into the jar, or into a clean jar, cover with one cup milk. After this one is done, the grains should be ready to work!*  

I use the same jar multiple times. After the initial batches, 1 Tablespoon of grains should ferment at least 2 cups of milk.

There should be about 1 T of kefir grains in the container. I'm not really sure, might be less. When  you drain the first milk, measure the grains, and you'll have a better idea of how much milk to use

I use 1 T of grains to 2 cups milk and it makes a beautiful kefir in 24 hours at 75-80 degree house.

I kept notes on times & amounts for about a week, and all of a sudden it just started working great. Not sure why LOL ... just be patient, any of the kefir that is too thick/sour can be used to cook with or makes GREAT CHEESE.

* The place I purchased the grains suggested throwing away the first two batches of kefir. Not sure why. I don't waste food, so I fed them to my dog, she loved them! I don't see why you couldn't drink them, or at least cook with them. Kefir is great to add to baked goods, although the pro-biotics are probably killed in the heat.

** Utensil Description:

Jar - glass or plastic. I don't use any plastic for liquid food storage, and highly recommend glass.

Lid - tight lid, do not use coffee filter, fabric, screen, etc. Keep the air out, the kefir does not need oxygen, and wild yeast/bacteria can enter through a permeable lid.

Milk Cow, Goat, Raw, Whole, 1%, etc - any kind except "ultrapasturized", including raw milk, and full fat is healthier :) 

Strainer/Colander - Dollar Tree has a wonderful colander that works great. I started out using a metal strainer, which works, but is rough on the kefir grains.

So, there you go - easy peasy YUMMY healthy drink.

Happy Healthy Fermenting!

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