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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Knit Your Own Cargo Net in Any Color You Want!! Bonus Fruit Sling!

Hubs and I toured a highly overpriced Basecamp trailer by Airstream. I sure wish I could get in on the marketing that has made them such a status symbol. But I digress (and if I'm upsetting any airstream owners, I doubt it, since they don't read my blog AND their Basecamp is already equipped  with expensive cargo nets ALL OVER THE PLACE)

Which is exactly what made me think I should incorporate some cargo nets into my travel trailer! I mean, who doesn't want to model their RV around Airstream? They may be overpriced, but they are beautiful.

So, as a joke, I hung a cargo net over my side of the bed which happens to be under a bunk.

Turns out cargo nets are really helpful! So, not so much of a joke!

I started looking for an attractive cargo net. Guess what, they come in black ... and black ... and oh yes, black!

So I designed a REALLY easy knitting pattern to make my own cargo net. How easy, you ask? Well, if you can knit, you can make a cargo net. You don't even have to purl unless you want to.

I actually have two ways to make a net.

The first takes a little more knowledge of knitting. If you want complete beginner instructions, scroll down to #2.

This is a pattern I made that has a lot of holes. I'm sure it has a name but I don't know it and I spend way too much time writing these blog posts as it is, so if you want to know the name you'll have to look for it yourself.

It not only makes a nice cargo net, but you can make a string bag or fruit & vegetable hammock with it too!

This is the brand (but not the color) I used - but I recommend you get it at a local store for $10 or less. Right now, it's $8 at Walmart.

Cast on any odd number of stitches. I knitted it on size 8 needles using Peaches and Creme yarn (100% U.S. Cotton)  Lily Sugar n Creme is also 100% U.S. Cotton) which is important to me.

Row 1 - knit
Row 2 - purl
Row 3 - K1 YO2X K2TOG - repeat to end
Row 4 - P (count both YO's as 1 giant stitch)

(legend - YO2X means wrap the yarn around the working needle 2x then continue with next stitch
- K2TOG means knit the next two stitches as one gigantic stitch - this is what makes the holes)

That's it.

It makes a nice fruit hammock. You can see that post here:

Ok here is how to make a REALLY SIMPLE CARGO NET

The first is to buy a pair of REALLY HONKING HUGE knitting needles like these. (You'll probably get the best deal at Hobby Lobby or Walmart.) I think I used a size 13. My needle gauge doesn't go up high enough for me to be positive, but 13-18 will work.

Cast on about 40 stitches for a small net, more for larger. I recommend making a little practice square to see how many stitches you will want to use. I needed a long skinny one, so I made only cast on about 35 stitches.

It does not matter how many stitches you cast on. I repeat - it does not matter!  If you don't know how to cast on there are many youtube videos who will do a great job showing you how.  If you don't know how to knit, there are many youtube videos .... I'll wait.

Now that you know how to knit - cast on however many stitches you need to make it as wide as you want, and knit.

That's it. When it's as long as you want it, bind it off. (If you don't know how to bind off, there are youtube videos)

If you want to be sassy, you can do stockinette, which is knit the front and purl the back. That is what I did because I am so fancy.

If you knit every row, it will look a bit different.


Thread some thin shock cord around the outside edge of the panel you just knit.

(if you can't get that, you can use elastic, but it won't look as neat!)

Make sure it will stretch as far as you need it to stretch

Tie a knot.

Hang each corner on a hook and you can put stuff in it.
Ta-Dah!  You now have a cargo net that will look a lot better than one of those tacky black ones.  I wouldn't recommend trying to use it to hold down stuff in the back of your truck however.

Send me a picture!

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