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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Make a FREE Sturdy Cone Thread Holder that Folds for Travel

Actually, it doesn't have to be a travel holder, I use it at home all the time. It folds up very compactly for travel, though.

suddenly it struck me -  I have something similar  .... You know those CD/DVD stackers? well, I thought - "hmm, that would make a good thread holder".  Five minutes and a piece of wire later, I had a nifty free thread holder.

It doesn't have a heavy metal base, but I have not had any problems with it falling over, or sliding around.  After many hours of use, I have found that the thread works better if I don't have the wire quite so high.

All you need is a piece of wire about 18" long. Not as heavy as coathanger wire, baling wire does nicely :) It should be flexible, but hold its shape.

Stick the wire through one of the holes in the CD spindle. Wrap part of it around underneath, so that it stays in place. 

Extend the top part so that it holds the thread. You can put a simple "U" shape at the top or you can make a little spiral like I did.

When you want to store it, simply wrap the wire around the base and it stores compactly, without catching on everything in your sewing basket.

My other two favorite portable sewing items - 

And another freebie:

Easy bobbin holder - slice a piece of tubing and store your bobbins in it - no unwinding!!

Now go sew something wonderful!

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I just bought this - it's 2x as effective, super quiet, lightweight. It's doing a great job! It has made a noticeable difference in the comfort level of our rv.

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