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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Easiest Way to Remove Tartar from Your Dog's Teeth - Try this Before Doggie Dentist! Don't Put Your Dog Through The Trauma of Dental Cleaning

I have always had large dogs, who don't seem to have many problems with their teeth. I now have a small dog, Emily, who is about 6 years old. Apparently, small dogs have a lot of trouble with tartar build-up. Her breath became so horrible, that I realized she had dental problems. After doing some research, I realized that if I took her to the doggie dentist, they would PUT HER TO SLEEP to clean her teeth! Anesthesia is dangerous so I thought I would try cleaning her teeth myself before subjecting her to the vet. I really had to do something, her teeth were so bad!

First I got a professional dental cleaning scraper from my dentist. Tarter is really difficult to remove! I wasn't able to get any off. The tartar on her teeth was so thick, it didn't budge and she hated me picking at her teeth.

Then I got the bright idea to try some doggie spray 

Well, that stuff is expensive.

And guess what! It has the same ingredients as people mouthwash.  In my opinion, people mouthwash is safe for my dog. Read the ingredients yourself and make your own decision :)

50 Ounces of people mouthwash for under $4 - I'm happy!

I have to say, she is not a fan of the mint, but she is getting accustomed to it. The first few days she hated it. Now, she doesn't react at all when I spray her teeth.

I filled up a small clean spray bottle.

I spray a few small squirts on each side, 2-3 times a day.

I also spray about 5-6 sprays into her water bowl when I fill it up.

I have been spraying her teeth for less than a week. I looked at her teeth today and one side is COMPLETELY TARTAR FREE!  And her breath smells a LOT better!

Not bad for less than a week!

The other side still has tartar. Not sure why only one side worked quickly.

Every day, I scrape a little bit on her tooth. Just for about 15-30 seconds so that she will become accustomed to me scraping her teeth. After I'm done she gets a dog biscuit reward :)

She is getting very comfortable having her teeth scraped, and doesn't even mind the spray.

So, today, I looked closely at the tooth that still had tartar on it. It seems that the area of tartar is getting smaller. I can now see one edge. I took the scraper, and put it under the edge, and it popped right off!!!  The mouthwash certainly seems to have made the tartar much easier to remove!

So now both her canines are clean, and with a little attention every few days, they should stay that way!!

I plan to continue to spray her teeth once a day.

Hope this helps you with your dog's teeth and breath.

UPDATE: her teeth continue to improve. I am only spraying her mouth once a day, or every other day (if I remember)

I bought some organic kelp. This is quite a large jar. It has the reputation of helping keep dog's teeth clear of tartar build-up. Even if it doesn't, it's a healthy addition to her diet. 

 I'll keep you posted on whether it works.  She likes the flavor. I wet her kibble a little so the kelp sticks. She only gets 1/4 tsp per day, so the container may last the rest of her life LOL

Now Go Play Outside!

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