Monday, May 04, 2015

New Camper Window! aka blown tire (np)

Hubby and I took the camper out to test all my 'improvements' and I'm happy to say that everything worked! Most were even better than I thought they would be!! Whoo hoo! This is not always the case with ideas I get in the middle of the night LOL

So, now that they've been road tested, I will start posting more photos and some tutorials of how I made them.

- Swing up table, that takes up on 3/4" space, and requires no special hardware
- Rolling Shelves with a removable top that creates a 22"x24" table
- Individual & Large Tables that mount and remove easily from the couch
- Footstool / Dog Food Container - including a FREE Silhouette cut file!
- Built-In Spice Rack
- Corner Medicine Cabinet with extra shelf

Now - the most recent modification -

I've been wanting to add a window in the camper, and fate provided one. Unfortunately, it's under the sink lol.

After blatantly overlooking the fact that our tires were 8 years old and had been sitting in the Texas sun for all that time we drove 3 days out and 3 days back to AZ at 80mph. Thankfully, nothing happened then but one tire blew on our short camping trip last week. (we were only going 65 lol) and the wheel well got torn up. Fortunately it was not the tire under the refrigerator or one on the side where it would have broken all the new storage boxes I just built, so that's good.

Here is what the wheel well cover is supposed to look like - which I now realize is totally uninsulated, so I will fix that after I put it back together.

Anyway, any suggestions on the best way to beat the metal back into submission? It has separated along the horizontal seam and the top is bowed up. I know to put a board under it and go slow, but wondered if anyone else had done this and had any pointers.

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