Sunday, April 19, 2015

6 Feet of Storage in 10 1/2 Inches

Okay, there is now about 11 inches between the arm of the couch and the bed. This is a major improvement, the dinette used to be flush against the edge of the bed which meant all four corners of the mattress had walls on them. It was so horrible to make up that bed!

I designed a shelf that is 10 and a half inches wide, 24 inches deep and the height of a dining table.

The shelf fits neatly between the couch and bed, and is on wheels. I can roll it out to make changing the sheets or just making up the bed so much easier! I guess I have no more excuses.

It adds 6 linear feet of new storage for things that used to sit on top of the dinette table.  The top is actually in 2 pieces. A tray that fits down over the top of the shelf can be removed to use as a bed tray, or to carry items out to the picnic table. 

I've designed a bracket system to build onto the top shelf it will allow the tray to sit flush with the top of the shelf and create a table that is approximately 24 by 22. I'll have pictures and a tutorial up soon!

Update: We did use the table a couple times, but then my wonderful daughter-in-law gave us a Lifetime 'Personal Table' that is PERFECT! 

It adjusts in height from 22" to 28" and we can use it outside. It folds flat and stores in our tiny shower when we are on the road.  Between the 'Personal Table' and the larger adjustable table, I am a huge fan of Lifetime products. And they're made in America!! (Those two links will bring you to the info page about the products, and they are affiliate links, so I get a few pennys when you buy one - thanks LOL)

The larger table has the advantage of going from coffee-table height to counter-height! We use it outside the camper as an extra counter for preparing food or just a place to keep things off the ground. 

Now Go Play Outside!


  1. Where can I find your tutorial?

  2. Actually, I never got the tutorial posted. What tutorial are you looking for? the one for the shelf? I think I have the photos somewhere and will look for them. My daughter-in-law gave us a Lifetime "Personal Table" that fits perfectly and has the advantage of being able to be used outside. It folds flat and fits in our tiny shower for travel. I did modify two of the boxes to allow the legs to slide under the couch. I'll take photos soon, I just went out to take some and it was too dark in the camper to get a good photo.


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