Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now! Replace Your Screen Door Panel

Wow, how time flies!

You may know that I love to camp. We have a small (tiny) camper - a 2008 Fun Finder 189FBR by Cruiser RV that we bought new and have not used much at all. We probably use it a total of about 5 nights a year. Well, I am determined to change this!

We originally pulled it with a front wheel drive GMC Acadia, which was always kind of nerve-wracking. The Acadia pulled it okay, but we always felt that we were on the edge of its capabilities, and being front wheel drive made us a bit uneasy.

The decision to trade cars was made for us when a woman ran a red light while we were on an "Einstein vacation" (it's all relative) in Florida. She totalled the Acadia and we replaced it with a Ford F150 - whoo hoo!!! I love my truck. Now we pull our camper with no worries. We flew down the road at 80 miles per hour!  Seriously, the speed limit on the way to Arizona was 80 mph.

That was our first 'big' trip - Phoenix, Arizona to watch the Rangers play in spring training. Well, actually, so my husband could watch and I could do other things. We stayed in "The Purple Park" which is very dog friendly. They even have a dog washing station, which, since the place is basically a big parking lot, Emily really needed. She's so close to the ground, she was black from rubber dust and dirt.

This was my first experience in staying in an RV park.  Usually we stay in state parks. It wasn't really camping, but it was nice to have our own place to stay. Of course, our camper is the size of the slide outs on the big campers LOL

We actually stayed in the camper for two weeks! That is the longest we have ever lived in it. During the course of the stay, I decided I needed to do a few things to make it more livable. I decided to share my ideas and process here.

The first thing I did when we got home was order a Camco 45581 Screen Door Slide Set (12" x 24", Clear) It's amazing what a difference it makes in the camper! You don't realize how much that white panel blocks your vision.  I got it on Amazon and this link will take you right to it. If you buy it from this link, I get a couple pennies :)

I have big plans for the camper - stay tuned while I rip out the dinette and build a couch to replace it. I have designed removable tables that take up very little room to store, a swing-up table on the arm of the couch, and storage that is easily accessed without getting down on your knees!

It's gonna be great!!

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