Saturday, September 21, 2019

Grab N Go Soft Tissue Holder Two Ways! 15 Minute Simple Sewing Project

This tissue holder is perfect for your car, rv, or dorm room. Any place you need tissues but don't want a big box. You can divide a large box of tissues up between 2-3 of these.

Just what you need - a simple, quick tissue holder and two ways to make it.

For some reason, I always try to make things complicated. The last tissue holder I made took me days! 

This one was so quick and simple, I doubt it took more than 15 minutes. Let me show you how

The tissue holder hangs on loops. You can use one loop or two, depending on how you are hanging it.

If you want to make it extra nice, you can make a small quilted square that size.  That is what I did. Mostly because I had this small piece of quilt leftover LOL

You will need a piece of fabric - the absolute minimum size is 11"x11"
12"x12" would probably be better, but this is what I had.

Some fabric to bind the edges and make loops.

There are two ways to make this -  I assume you have basic sewing skills

Style #1

make 2 fabric loops

Bind all 4 sides of the quilted square.

Pin the loops in place.

Fold both sides to the middle.  
For some reason I took the photo before I inserted the loops into the end.

You can overlap them a little if you'd like. I thought it might make it hold the tissues more securely, but I really don't think it made any difference, and it was hard to sew through all those layers.

Topstitch across the top & bottom

TA-DAH! you are finished! Fill it with tissues and hang it in a place that doesn't get in your way!

Style #2

Make 1 fabric loop

Bind only 2 opposite sides of the quilted square

Pin the loop to the middle of one unbound side of the square

Lay it down, right side facing you, fold both sides to the middle

Sew across top & bottom

Turn right side out.

TA-DAH! you are finished! Fill it with tissues and hang it in a place that doesn't get in your way!

Now Go Play Outside!

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