Thursday, April 18, 2019

Stop the Draft From Coming in Through the Exhaust Vent

The wind is really whipping out here. I tend to leave my exterior vent flap open so that when I use the stove I do not have to go out to open it or close it after dark, or in the rain, or when it's cold, or when it's hot, You get the idea. There is a lot of cold draft coming in through the exhaust vent today. I have noticed that in the summer, hot air comes through it too.  Actually, in Texas the wind is so strong that it comes through the vent even when it's closed sometimes.

Being the 'crafty' sort, I pulled out my sewing machine and fabric and started to make a cover for the vent. Suddenly it struck me - there's a MUCH simpler way! It works better too!

Want to know what it is?

Here's the secret - magnetic sheets. You can get these in many sizes and brands. I think any of them would work fine.

The exhaust vent on your range is basically just a hole to the outside from your tiny house, house, trailer or rv.

If you have an old magnetic sign, it would work. The only trick is your stove exhaust vent must be metal. If not, you will have to make something that you can hold on with velcro.

I didn't like the look of it plain. These magnet sheets have an adhesive side, so you can stick decorative paper or fabric to it. 

I chose some interesting fabric that was dark enough that it would be distracting if it was visible at any point.

Remove the protective covering, carefully place the fabric or paper on the adhesive, and trim the edges.

Really, that's all there is to it. It's hard to make a long post about it LOL

Now - go play outside!


  1. How creative n ingenious! Thanks for sharing!! Janie

  2. The outside flap on the outside of our vent outlet has a clamp. But since it is a one-way outlet anyway, we only clamp it when we are traveling. Never had that problem (yet).

  3. You sound like a wonderful human being. Honest and funny. What a great combination in this crazy world . Oh, did I mention smart too? God bless you always.

    Laura Wilson, CD.


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