Friday, September 30, 2016

I Am Going To Have A Laundry Room!! (adding a washer to my camper)

I'm actually installing a washer in my tiny camper!

UPDATE: It's finished - you can read the post here: "How I Added a Laundry Room to My camper - and You can Too!!

how to add a washer to your small space

We are back from another 2 month camping trip. All kinds of excitement - kayaked with seals, sea lions and nutria. Watched whales and raccoon families. Explored tide pools and lighthouses.
We headed to California to babysit our 3-year-old twin grandbabies so their parents could take a much-needed vacation. That meant we spent a month near San Francisco, where the weather was gorgeous, as usual. Since our camper is so small, we just park right in their driveway! Can't ask for a better campsite than that! The babies were adorable, as usual.

Our big 'family day' was to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge! You can actually ride your bikes across the bridge! What a fantastic day! We started out at the wharf, where my son and his wife rented bicycles and a kid-trailer. Can't believe he pedaled that thing all over up and down the hills - what a trooper! I ended up walking my bike up one of the steeper hills, right before the bridge.

Here we are biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. The nice big fence was reassuring.

It was a great day. After you cross the bridge, you end up in Sausilito and take a ferry back. 

It's a popular thing to do - these are all the bikes on our ferry:

We then headed north to Klamath River, where we kayaked with sea lions and almost died. . . . . . seriously . . . we almost got washed out to sea in our 'toy' kayaks. The week after that, a kayaker actually did die in the next town up. The water is very cold, even in August. We are going to get a couple sit-on-top kayaks for the coasts, so that if we get washed out to sea, we'll have a chance. The ones we have now will go down and take us with them.

We did survive, and headed north to Oregon, the weather was 40's at night and 60's in the day - while at home in Texas it was over 100'. We spent a lovely two weeks in a State Park at the beach. Full hookups!! Luxury! Whoo hooo!

Which leads me to the main part of this post - laundry!  I hate laundromats! No, I don't, I DETEST laundromats. I hate taking a day out of my life to find one, schlep the clothes there, pay through the nose, spend hours, and finally get home tired and cranky, a day wasted and money spent. 

So, for my birthday, my wonderful hubby bought me a washer for the camper.

Have I ever shown you how big our camper is? 

It's smaller than the truck LOL

My dear husband got me a Haier 1 cu. ft. washer The washer is 18"x18"x 32" or something like that. Sounds tiny - until this giant box from Amazon arrives!! 

We thought maybe we could store it in the bathroom, but it filled up the entire shower! 

And in order for us to take a shower, we had to lift the washer over the toilet to remove it. Not that heavy, but very awkward.

But, hmm, we have this nice wardrobe next to the bathroom. With a space over it that usually has two Sterlite drawers full of hubby's unmentionables. 

Wonder if the washer would fit there?

YEP!! It fits exactly!!!

In preparation for drilling two large holes (one for the incoming water, and one for the drain line) I thought I should open up the wall and make sure there was nothing important that I could damage.

Turns out there's a stack to the holding tanks in the wall, which makes it 3 1/2" thick. This is GREAT! If I frame it in, I can have a shelving unit 4-5" deep and 45" tall!! Whoo hooo! More storage. (Although hubby is now talking about putting a dryer over the washer LOL)

So, I'm not finished, but here's the start to my new laundry room!! Whooo hoo! What a great birthday!

how to add a washer to your small space


I designed and made a new table for the couch - plans & tutorial to come. 

We never watch tv, but my son gave us a big monitor with speakers, so I'll show you how we're mounting it in the 'bedroom'

Also a tutorial for the rolling cart, along with a free design for you to paint on it.

Replaced the front window again - my mistake!

Now - go play outside!!

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