Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finally! A Kayak Rack

My husband has been after me for 5 years to build a kayak rack. Have not done so because I had this fear of it blowing apart while we are driving 80 miles an hour and killing someone driving behind us.
Build a Sturdy and Inexpensive Kayak Rack!

We are leaving on another camping trip tomorrow so I thought I'd knock it out today. Except that I ran out of eye bolts - I thought I had four but could only find 3 - the rack is finished.

UPDATE: After 15,000 miles I have better photos and a lot more information posted here!

The original plan was to use big C clamps to hold it down but that won't work with the bed rail on my truck. I drove some screws into the posts through the post hole pockets and each kayak rail has a tie down securing it. When I find some clamps that will work I will not have to put tie downs on it, but for now this will do.

The back is a little lower than the front to make loading easier. I plan to build some kayak cradles that will support the kayaks better.

Build a Sturdy and Inexpensive Kayak Rack!


Now go play outside!


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