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Ok, this is how it works. I spend hours figuring out how to create, modify, or improve something   and then I spend more hours trying it out and working out the bugs. Then I spend time taking pictures and editing them and posting them online because I think it's a neat idea and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

As long as I have a website, I put some links to some of the products that I use and/or recommend and if you click on them, I will get nothing and if you buy them through that click, I get about 25 cents. 

It costs you nothing, and it doesn't really make any money for me, but at least I feel a little gratitude for the work I do. I really think my ideas are worth sharing, and if you do too, you can click a link :) 

The only other way to make any spending money is to either charge for my ideas and patterns, or put some links to products that I like and use myself. I will never endorse anything that I don't use or lust after. I don't want to charge for the patterns and ideas, and the products I'm advertising are really great - so it's a win win!

So in full disclosure - if you click on a link in my blog, or a sidebar ad, I will get a little bit compensation AT NO COST TO YOU. It does not add anything to your price. If you enjoy the projects I share with you, and you're going to buy whatever it is anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you bought it through my link :)

So far, I've made enough to buy a cup of coffee. Not Starbucks coffee, let's not go crazy here, but I could probably get a decent medium sized cup of coffee at 7-11. And I thank you :)

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