Monday, December 22, 2014

Only Two Puppies on My Lap

Baby Girl went to her forever home this afternoon. I took Emily with me, and I was curious to see how she would handle giving her baby away and going home. Well, apparently these puppies have reached teenage-hood in dog years and she had no second thoughts about sending this one to a new home LOL. She came home, looked at the two that are left and jumped up on the couch. Then she looked at me as if to say "well? when are they going off to begin their real lives?"  I had a harder time saying good-bye than she did. She was an amazing mom, but I guess her job as done.

She was also very happy to get back into shape - she has her figure back and a chic new haircut to go with it.

 You may remember what she looked like during the last days of her pregnancy. I had great sympathy for her! I remember those days!

But now she's gorgeous again, with her cute little figure!

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