Thursday, December 18, 2014

Artistic Puppies Make Christmas Diorama

Funny thing, I do a lot of crafts (a LOT, you can see some of them from my Etsy shop in the sidebar on the right).  I guess I have influenced the puppies (they can see my studio from their pen), they made a Christmas diorama this morning LOL - seriously, I came in and found the tree standing up that way.

 They call it "Christmas Tree in Snow with Snowballs"

(don't worry, they don't tear up puppy pads, that is a human pad from when my dad was on Hospice. I use them at night and they don't work so well. The puppy pads have a tougher top layer.)  Here's a picture of them resting from their creative labors.

Happy news for the pups and very sad news for me - Little Girl and Big Guy have found their new humans to rule, so they will be leaving soon. Fortunately, I get to keep Little Girl til Monday and Big Guy will hang around until Christmas Eve.  

Little Guy has about 3 people interested that haven't met him yet. The first one to meet him will take him, nobody can withstand their ninja puppy stealthy love skills!

. . .  and plus they're artistic!!

I'm in the process of uploading a really cute video of them, should be up in an hour or so. 
Check back!

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