Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 Weeks Old!

Well, I had a really nice post written, and somehow I deleted the whole danged thing. Grrr, I'm just trying to catch up, it would be nice if my computer would cooperate :)

So, here is the post with the most recent photos - these were taken Saturday, at two weeks.

They are growing so fast! They are about 3x as large as they were at birth! Amazing!




They are really growing and their personalities are becoming evident. They are the quietest, calmest puppies I've ever seen. They hardly make a peep, even when mom leaves. Of course, by the time she leaves, they are so full, they can hardly do anything except lay on their backs and sleep :)

The other day, I did hear one making some noise. He just kept going and going, so finally I went to see what the problem was. He had managed to crawl right over the lip of the giant dog crate they are in and was rolling around on the floor trying to figure out what the heck happened.

I bet I won't be able to get them all into the basket at once next week. Either they won't fit, or they'll climb out LOL

Stay tuned for more beautiful puppy pictures!

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